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I spend my days mothering my sweet baby girl and working by night. Photography to me is more than pressing a button, I realize that I have the power to capture a moment that you will come across years from now and remember the good ol' days. I want to capture those moments that remind you of when your child was just starting to walk, before your spouse ships off to a deployment, or before your children go away to college and all other walks of life.

While I always loved the arts, photography wasn't really even on my radar until I was in college. When I was younger I loved to color, paint, build things with popsicle sticks and spend hours in my own colorful world. As I got older I told myself I wanted to be a vet because who doesn't love animals right? Well God had another plan because when I applied for schools and didn't get in I decided to find a new course. I loved having a camera on me because my brother always did and I wanted to be just like him. My parents got me my first digital camera when I was 13 and I took a couple photography classes in high school. I took a darkroom class in college and became fascinated with the world of photography. It was so much more than just clicking a button and I became obsessed. Crazy to think back then, I didn't even know you could be a photographer! The more I learned though, the more I wanted it to be my profession. I applied for Pratt Institute in New York and joined their photography program. I focused mostly on the alternative process of darkroom photography.

Upon graduating, I found out we were pregnant with our little girl and we moved back home to Hawaii to start our family. I was a super nervous first time mom and photography was the only thing that helped keep me sane as I learned to take care of a tiny human. I loved it so much, I decided to switch my focus from the art of photography to family photographer so I could help families build visual memories they can take with them as they grow older. Through all this, I struggled with WHY was this so important to me.  

One day at my part time job, I came across a man who wanted an image of him with his grandson but his wife didn't want to buy it. This pulled at my heartstrings. He loved this picture but he couldn't take it home. I started thinking about how I cherish every picture with my mom that I have because there is no more chances to make more pictures like that. I already notice that I try to make sure I take pictures with Riley so that she will have these pictures to hold on to one day when I'm gone. This was it, my why. Photography has this incredible power to freeze these precious moments. Life is fleeting and photography gives us a chance to hold and remember something that once was.  My goal as a photographer is to create pieces that a family can love and hold on to for years to come. I want them to be able to journey back in time and remember a time that used to be. Photos that become a legacy.

Born and raised Hawaii Family photographer

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About Tony

He is a whiz at all things pop culture, comic books, nerdy toys, TV, movies, and cartoons! If you ever need someone to chat about new movies or comic books he is your guy! The amount of knowledge he randomly holds in his brain just blows me away. 

About Sharon

I am a mommy and a wife. Things I enjoy are pasta, mismatched colorful socks,  watching all the nerdy movies and TV shows with my hubby, sunsets, traveling, and exploring. And of course, all things Photography!

About Riley

This girl is a fun loving, smart little one who cannot get enough of dogs, birds, and water. Her favorite movie is Moana. She loves to explore and enjoys playing in her play kitchen making meals for us to eat. She thinks she's so funny and she knows she's cute so watch out for this little personality!





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